Request assistance

Do you encounter problems running 4Flu?

If you encounter problems when using the simulation tool 4Flu, please have a look at the frequently asked questions. If this does not solve your problem, please send us a bug report.

Make sure to supply us with the following information:
  • Which version of 4Flu do you use?
  • On which operating system do you run 4Flu (please specify your version of Windows, Macintosh or Linux).
  • Please give us a detailed account of the problem you encounter.
  • Complementary screenhots or other output may be helpful, too

Do you need simulation repeats?

4Flu is not designed to automatically repeat simulations, yet as a stochastic simulation tool, different simulation output is produced for each run. In order to optain a more comprehensive view of the range of results and of their mean or median, simulations have to be repeated several times. Epimos offers to run a small series of simulations for free, but the standard output of the command line tool by which this will be achieved may not be exactly what you need. You can send us an e-mail asking for some extra simulations:
  • Please make sure to save your parameter settings using the Save button of 4Flu, and attach them to your e-mail.
  • Do not forget to mention what output you are interested in.
  • How many simulations do you need?

Do you need a modification of the simulation tool?

If you need simulation output which is currently not available, or if you would like to have a modification of the simulation tool or if you want to use the simulation tool for a different infectious disease, please send us an e-mail and let us check what we can offer.